Possessing a keen eye for storytelling, principal Designers Michael Stiller and Greg Bloxham employ the power of lighting and physical design to create memorable experiences, celebrations, and spectacles. With 45 years combined experience, they have created many successful designs for architecture, exhibits, live performances, motion-pictures, and television.

upLIGHT's architectural portfolio includes commercial, retail, hospitality, residential and municipal projects, as well as visitor centers, exhibits, interactives, and theatrical systems. Our entertainment portfolio comprises television, film, musical performances, live events, and immersive environments. Among our areas of expertise are lighting/media convergence, media integration, and complex control systems.

We believe successful design is the result of a collaborative process and we work closely with our clients through each phase. Every project has its own story to tell, and we welcome the opportunity to develop a tailored lighting design that helps you tell yours.