The best creative briefs don't always come on schedule, so we weren't surprised when we got a call asking us to light a 40,000 square foot temporary exhibit, scheduled to open in less than 6 weeks, which would feature a scale model of Manhattan that visitors could walk through -- think Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians. The upLIGHT team flew into action, and in three weeks' time had plans and specifications in place for a lighting rig that included 125 automated LED fixtures synchronized with interactive video, and a 36 inch LED "sun" that tracked over the "city" in a 24 minute day-to-night cycle.

As always, we were only a small part of a larger team, which in this case included Creative Directors from Mother Industries; and custom video, motion control, and lighting components from Moment Factory, all of which was coordinated by our friends at Zaragunda Productions.