• Michael Stiller
    Michael Stiller, LEED AP, IESNA
    Partner & Principal Designer
    Creative instigator and unreconstructed obsessive. Yin to Greg’s yang. Favorite quote: “The details are not the details. They are the design.”
  • Gregory Bloxham
    Gregory Bloxham, USA, IATSE ACT
    Partner & Principal Designer
    Design director & inveterate problem solver. Yang to Michael’s Yin. Favorite quote: “Symmetry is the sign of a weak mind.”
  • Gabriela Jacobsen
    Gabriela Jacobsen, LC, IESNA,
    Senior Designer
    Architectural lighting designer & Revit ready studio team leader.
  • Amanda Clegg Lyon
    Amanda Clegg Lyon
    Designer extraordinaire, 3D Modeler, and all-around steady hand.
  • Erik Herskowitz
    Erik Herskowitz
    Junior Designer
    Designer, Programmer, and enthusiastic sportsfan.
  • Xiaoxiao Guo
    Physical Designer
    Spatial Storyteller & 3D Jedi Master.